What we do

The main objective of GFC is to provide its members and the wider fintech ecosystem with the necessary resources and know-how, which will enable them to meet the challenges and exploit opportunities of the industry, both nationally and abroad.

Greek Fintech Cluster

Breaking the main cause down to action related objectives, GFC will:

  • Promote, encourage, develop, coordinate and protect the interests of its members and fintech enterprises in general.

  • Support the development of a cooperation mentality and solidarity among fintech organizations – cluster members and promote cooperation by developing a business and social innovation ecosystem around fintech technologies.

  • Study, promote and disseminate fintech technologies in the private and public sectors, for the benefit of the National Economy and society in general.

  • Promote fintech technologies in important sectors of the economy and society, as they enhance direct trade, transparency, the digital transformation that is critical due to technological and economic developments.

  • Organise education and training activities for organisations, businesses, bodies and services, both private and public, already active or related to fintech technologies

  • Create fintech academy to provide educational programs as well as fintech business incubator.

  • Promote the networking of creative people, executives, organisations, members of the research and academic community, as well as their ideas, around the application of fintech technologies

  • Promote networking and cooperation among collaborative and productive initiatives and policy makers, in Greece and abroad, in relation to fintech technologies

  • Organise extroversion, diffusion and awareness-raising activities for the broader information of citizens and everyone interested, such as conferences and educational workshops on fintech technologies.

  • Support innovation within the industry through specific actions.

  • Create a permanent consultation mechanism with the Greek State and the European institutions for institutional interventions or synergies in fintech technologies.

  • Exploit the research and development produced worldwide and nationally Create the first Greek Registry of fintech experts.

  • Submit specialised business plans and proposals to government agencies and bodies, bodies, independent authorities, European and International Organisations and Associations.

  • Collect, process and study non-confidential data or anonymised industry-related and purchasing behaviours of on-line consumers, businesses and banking organisations .

  • Contribute to the qualitative upgrading of industry products and services through the adoption and application of ethical rules, self-regulation rules, best practices.

  • Contribute to the protection of the members of the cluster, as well as the consumers more broadly by promoting the quality and reliability of fintech services and products and cooperate with other Associations, Agencies, Associations, Organisations with similar purposes.

  • Participate in international associations or organisations, national or international committees, councils, conferences, exhibitions and events related to the objectives pursued by the cluster (e.g. exhibitions, press, conferences, etc.) and represent the industry at local, national and international level.

  • Carry out any action and event that may contribute to the updating and strengthening of the relations between the members of the cluster and the industry and the promotion of its statutory objectives.

GFC’s mid to long-term goals are:

  • Improving the competitiveness among the members and the domestic market for financial services, through better absorption and exploitation of innovative technologies and practices.

  • Strengthening fruitful cooperation and co-investment for the creation of significant shared infrastructures and networks, which would be proportionally huge in terms of capital and effort and carry a significant risk for each individual member.

  • Accelerate the development of innovative products/services and start-up entrepreneurship in Fintech. Based on the promising performance of Greek Fintech startups, this development will also contribute to the enhancement of outward-looking entrepreneurship.


Services provided to members


  • Promotion of members through the GFC website, as well as regular promotional actions (social media, posters, brochures, etc.).

  • Regular updates on funding opportunities, training programmes and other national / EU initiatives.

  • Access to databases of executives, organisations, members of the research – academic community that have implemented projects – fintech technologies Access to useful articles – news from the fintech sector.

  • Access to studies related to fintech.

Open Innovation

  • Complete cycles of competitions, acceleration and post-acceleration of innovative Fintech ideas and applications.

  • Development of an application Laboratory with open API (access) on

    •      trial datasets and NLP/ML tools
    •      chatbot development environment
    •      blockchain implementations, etc.
  • Cooperation with member organisations and companies for the operational assessment and pilot testing of applications.

  • Exploration, trial implementations and documentation of agreed reference standards, as well as libraries of good practices.

  • Actions and events of structured and informal familiarisation and training of executives on important technological and other fintech issues.

Ad hoc

In addition to the above basic and open innovation services, special joint actions of the cluster are foreseen, on an ad hoc basis and cost:

      • Participation in exhibitions

      • Use of libraries or cluster software and equipment

      • Provision of on-demand training services

      • Project management services

      • Exceptional publicity actions

      • Access to systems – applications such as: Fintech SDK, payment gateway, billing – invoice system, project finance platform